High Country Outfitters

High Country Outfitters came to be in 1975 when four friends with a passion for the outdoors realized the need for a full service specialty outdoor retailer in Atlanta. Bubba Sloan, Gerald Marshall, Denny Mays and Ned Buxton founded High Country to be a place where you could gear up for your next great adventure or learn to paddle, climb, and travel through the backcountry, or just stop in to shoot the breeze with the staff. Things haven’t changed much. Bubba Sloan can be found at our Buckhead store keeping up on the latest and greatest, and Gerald Marshall holds down the fort at The Ocoee River. Our mission hasn't change, as we still strive to provide the best outdoor apparel, gear, and instruction.

Stop by one of our Atlanta area locations for great gear, rentals and help for all of your outdoor adventures.

High Country Rugby Team

High Country Rugby R.F.C. was founded in 1975 by the gentlemen proprietors of the outfitting store that bears the same name. Denny Mays, Bubba Sloan, Tim McNally, and Gerald Marshall organized an odd collection of misfits and malcontents from other local clubs to begin play in the fall of 1975. Play was a loose definition of the team’s efforts during the initial seasons.

The club’s philosophy centered around the concept of fun, with serious play reserved for occasional outbreaks of brilliance. Today, High Country aims to provide the best of both worlds; playing an entertaining brand of winning rugby and providing its members a great social network.  We consider this club to be a balance of competition, sportsmanship, and friendship consistent with the ideals and values of our founders.  We have the honor of celebrating 40 years of brotherhood and family in 2015.